That’s Corny: 12 Corn Recipes That Will Shuck and A-maize You

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This is the time to buy/ make/ eat corn. Why? Because it’s corn season baby! If you’re a simple corn on the cob fan, the simplest, most scrumpy play is to steam it. So shuck those ears of corn, put the cobs in a big pot, and pour in a couple inches of water. They’ll be done in 3-5 min. and you’ll know because the corn will be a gorgeous yellow color. Want more from your corn? Here you go:

1. Cucumber Corn Salad from Better Home and Garden

This simple salad highlights all that is in season in the summer. From the corn to the cukes to the herbs this salad is all about what’s fresh right now.

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2. Grilled Peach, Corn and Quinoa Salad from Last Ingredient

I’m (overboard) obsessed with grilling peaches right now. Warming this salad up with the peaches and quinoa makes a comforting dish for perfect summer nights.

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3. Grilled Corn Salad with Feta from SkinnyTaste

Such an easy staple for summer. Make the corn ahead of time (if you don’t have a grill just steam it — I’ve done it this way a bunch and it’s delish!) and toss in the feta, basil and red onion for a BBQ or summer dinner hit.

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4. Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad from Salt and Lavender

How can this many scrumpola meals be on one?! Pasta salad AND mexican street corn is a dream come true!!!

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5. Avocado Corn Salad from Natasha’s Kitchen

Fresh and easy side for any summer meal!

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6. Grilled Mexican Corn Salad from Oh Sweet Basil

I LOVE Mexican street corn but I hate when it gets stuck in me teeth. If you agree let’s hear it for this off the cob version. And with a squeeze of lime? Come on.

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7. Quinoa, Corn, Edamame Salad from 86 Lemons

This is the perfect salad to have for dinner and keep for lunches during the week. I love mixing salads for lunches and working this one into a lunch salad fiesta is a must.

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8. Summer Corn, Avocado, and Black Bean Salad by Produce on Parade

I had to share this recipe from my What I’m Eating Right Now blog post because it’s a staple in our summer salad rotation! So simple and so freshly bomb. Add jalepenos and some cayenne if you like a little spice 🙂

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9. Mexican Street Corn Dip from The Cookie Rookie

This is absolutely savage. It rivals the buffalo chicken dip I make every Patriots game. More on that soon. Cheesy, gooey, goodness with corn and spice. It’s epic. My bestie introduced me to this and I hate her love her for it.

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10. Corn Salsa with Lime

Honestly just using fresh corn in a simple, chunky dip is the perfect appetizer for a night in with bae, an appetizer at a dinner party or BBQ, or hosting friends at home. So fresh and so clean clean.

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11. How to Grill Corn on the Cob by Tidy Mom

Taking it a step back…. grilling corn has some sort of flavor that is just next level. Whether you’re grilling to eat for dinner or for a salad, take a moment to cover the basics and then girl get your grill on.

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12. Instant Pot Parmesan Ranch Corn on the Cob

This is fun!! Try an isntapot and this epic parm ranch convo to shock and awe!!

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