Almond Flour

almond flour

What is it?

Almond flour, a recent phenomenon that escalated when everyone began going gluten-free, is a nut based flour that’s pretty similar in texture to your standard wheat flour. The process of creating almond flour begins with  blanching almonds in boiling water to remove the skins, then grinding and sifting them into a fine flour. Keep in mind, this isn’t too be confused with almond meal, which is ground with skins still in tact, resulting in a coarser flour. Almond flour provides a little bit of a sweeter taste than traditional white/wheat flours which make it the perfect go-to for baked goods. The lack of gluten might make your recipes a little less fluffy but it still allows for a great texture.

Health Benefits?


That buzzy word that’s gone viral all over your social media feed and pantry products. There is some definite controversy over whether or not everyone should give up gluten, but we’re always behind doing what works for you. A good quality sour dough or bowl of pasta should absolutely be enjoyed by those that aren’t celiac or gluten-sensitive. As far as processed snacks, hamburger buns, and low-quality wheat products, you might want to reconsider. Gluten can enhance inflammation in the body for someone who already has a compromised immune and/or digestive system. If you are experiencing any signs of auto-immune disease, hormonal issues, or digestive discomfort, going gluten free for a while may be a very beneficial strategy. And, of course, those of you who are celiac or gluten-sensitive, almond flour is the perfect alternative for you.

The bottom line: not everyone should go gluten-free if it doesn’t fit their lifestyle. Gluten-free products won’t solve all of your ailments but can absolutely be a step in the right direction. A pretty easy step at that when almond flour is so tasty, nutrient dense, and an easy buy!

Mineral Content

If you thought that no gluten was the only benefit to choosing almond flour, you are wrong! Almond flour is rich in numerous vitamins and minerals. For example, AF is packed with Vitamin E, which is a fat soluble vitamin that acts as an anti-oxidant in your body. You know we love those antioxidants. In case you need a refresher, antioxidants literally ‘prevent oxidation’ of your cells which is the main cause of accelerated aging, cancer, cardio vascular disease etc. etc (1).

Almond flour is full of one of the most important minerals for your body: magnesium. In fact, almond flour has all of the following minerals (percentage based on your daily requirement):

Calcium 31%
Iron 30%
Magnesium 100%
Potassium 28%
Sodium 2%
Zinc 30%
Copper 85%
Manganese 162%
Selenium 6%
Why is magnesium important, you ask? Great question! This brings us into the next health benefit.

Blood Sugar Regulating

Remember our little chat about blood sugar regulation with this ingredient? And insulin resistance with this one? Both of these benefits hold true for almond flour as well. The problem with your traditional white and processed wheat flours is that these refined products often include 100% carbohydrate and no fiber (since it is broken down in the refining process). This ratio is a recipe for high blood sugar spikes, which causes you to feel fatigued, hungry, and in need of more of it.
In addition, the high amounts of magnesium we highlighted above aid in blood glucose control and blood pressure regulation. This article also shows that magnesium is also crucial for function of your mitochondria, DNA synthesis, and energy production. Nerdy, but trust us, this is something you want to be mindful of (especially because most people are actually deficient).

Where To Buy?

We love a good Bob’s Red Mills Almond Flour but these days, you can get just about anywhere! Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, & even Amazon.

Quick tip:

Almond flour to all purpose flour is  1:1 ratio so it is a perfect substitute! Keep in mind, almond flour typically requires more egg or binding agent, so the recipe might need to be altered a bit.

Want the Recipe?

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