7 Scrumpy Apps to Bring to A Game Day Party

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Big, huge life stressor: bringing food to someone’s house.

Big, huge stress reliever: these super easy apps that won’t spill in your Uber.

(No, it’s not weird to ask for your bakeware and serving dishes back when you leave.)

1. Pesto Tortellini Skewers from Mildly Meandering

Is this a joke? Why haven’t I thought of skewering pasta? I cannot imagine being any more filled with joy than having someone bring this to my house. Like when I saw this recipe I smiled ear to ear…

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2. Baked Brie: 15 Easy and Oozy Baked Brie Recipes from Parade

Baked Brie is a classic. And here are 15 recipes so you are sure to find one that speaks to you. Assemble everything at home and simply throw it in the over for 10 min when you arrive at your destination. Picture above is the Pineapple Pecan Baked Brie.

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3. Mediterranean Hummus Stuffed Peppers from Beautiful Eat and Things

Instead of bringing a tub of hummus, scoop the hummus into these adorable little peppers. Now you look like a creative cook even though all you did was scoop hummus….

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4. Beat Salad on a Stick by No Biggie

My mom’s about to lose it. Turning salad into a skewer app… genius!

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5. Crispy Parmesan Chickpeas from My Recipes

If you know me you know I’m chickpea-obsessed. And flavoring them with parmesan is just: yes.

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6. Watermelon, Feta and Mint Skewers from Jessica Levinson

Grab a watermelon and bring along fresh, juicy bites to help you and your pals hang onto summer!

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7. Peach Bruschetta with Goat Cheese from Feasting at Home

Last but not least, bring along a fresh take on bruschetta with delicious peaches and a smear of goat cheese. You’ll be a hit. Bible.

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