We’ve all heard of cinnamon, but are you eating the real thing?

Tell me more: Cinnamon is extracted from the bark of a tree known as ‘Cinnamomum’ (aka it’s really hard to get). Nowadays, it’s likely a staple in your overnight oat recipe and stocked in every grocery store for around 2 dollars. Makes you wonder, how could something SO rare become such a staple in the everyday kitchen?

Here’s the bottom lineCeylon Cinnamon is the real, pure cinnamon extract from the bark. The imposters (generically known as Cassia) are what you’ll generally find in your local grocery store as they are marketed as cinnamon on the label. The truth is, these varieties are really only made up of about 50% of the real thing.



Why’s it good for me?

Super antioxidant: PURE cinnamon can prevent chronic diseases due to oxidation (think diabetes, heart disease,Alzheimer’s). Most diseases like this are caused by the continuous release of free radicals which bind to perfectly normal cells and damage them over time. Other ingredient to mix in for this benefit: spirulina.

Anti-Inflammatory: Helps with that morning-after-drinking puffiness as well as long term weight gain and chronic diseases.

Reduces insulin resistance. Insulin is one of the key hormones that regulates metabolism, energy use, and transports blood sugar to get you through the day. The problem is that many people are resistant to the effects of insulin (think: processed foods, irregular eating patterns, birth control, LIFE), causing them to have Type II diabetes, inability to lose weight, and tons of other issues.

If you think you’re suffering from inflammation and insulin resistance: sprinkle a little extra ceylon in your life (among other things, of course).

Where can I get the REAL stuff?

You can buy any organic ceylon cinnamon from some local grocery stores, amazon, or elsewhere online. Here’s a link to our fave: ceylon cinnamon. You can also buy in bulk (here) to store in your pantry! We recommend buying Ceylon whenever possible to reap the most nutritional benefits.

How can I incorporate it in my recipes?

Sprinkle on warm apples, mix into your daily oats, or even add it to your baked sweet potatoes for a tasty treat or side dish.

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