What is it?

Ginger is one of the best spices in the market for many reasons. It’s spicy aroma is due to the presence of ketones (hint hint: those things you burn when on the “keto diet”). Ginger is used in numerous forms: fresh, dried, pickled (cue the SUSHI lovers), preserved, crystallized, candied, powdered, or ground.

What are the benefits?

Anti-Nausea:- think: all of that ginger-ale your mom forced upon you when you had the flu.  The anti-nausea benefits of ginger have been passed through word of mouth for centuries. Ginger root is commonly taken by pregnant women to help with morning sickness and often used by individuals who get motion sickness (fun fact: studies have proven raw ginger is actually superior to the ever popular dramamine).

Digestive Health: Although generally used for ailments, adding ginger to your daily routine can also have long term benefits on your overall digestive health. The phenolic compounds in ginger help relieve gastrointestinal (GI) irritation (it will be your best friend next time you over eat, have bloating etc.). It also helps your body naturally produce saliva to break down your food into smaller compounds, making it easier to digest.

Relaxation & Warmth: MAJOR TIP for all of you who have the pleasure of experiencing cold weather, drinking ginger tea is great way to keep warm. It is diaphoretic, aka it promotes sweating and works to warm the body from within.

Menstrual Cycle Relief:  Some studies show that ginger can reduce the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, the severe pain that some women experience during a menstrual cycle.

Anti-inflammatory: check out our post on ginger’s sister root turmeric for details.

Lots of vitamins and minerals: Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C


ginger root

Ginger-Spice Up Your Life –  Want the Recipe?

Sprinkle a little grated ginger in your morning smoothie, favorite soup, or your daily tea/lemon water.

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