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For that WTF moment when you’re cooking and come across an ingredient that you just don’t get.

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We’ve all heard of cinnamon, but are you eating the real thing? Tell me more: Cinnamon is extracted from the bark of a tree known as ‘Cinnamomum’ (aka it’s really hard to [...]


Turmeric (comprised of the compound curcmin) is an Indian/Southeast Asian substance that comes from the dried root of what is known as the ‘curcuma longa plant’. It is extracted and ground into [...]


Wheat Grass

Wheatgrass: that thing you often see in your store-bought green juice but never have in your own kitchen. (our research on the topic might change your mind). Wheat grass by definition is the [...]


What is Spirulina? According to the World Health Organization, spirulina is the “food of the future”. This bright blue-green colored powder is a microscopic little bacteria/algae [...]