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My approach to food is really “feel good” food. I like to encourage people to cook food that helps them feel good – not just on a physical level but on a mental, emotional, and social level. You want to be able to enjoy and share food with friends. Yes, food is fuel, but it’s also just a big part of culture.

Tell us about yourself!

I live in Louisville Kentucky. I’m from the DC area, went to the University of Maryland and moved here a little over 2 years ago. I started my blog in 2015 because I wanted to have a way to connect with other people who were into wellness while I was living in DC and then when I moved to Kentucky. I’ve always had digestive issues so I want to eat in a way that makes me feel good and over the past few years I’ve figured that out. I came out with a Good Gut Fuel E-Book that is filled with recipes, tips and tricks for healthy digestion. On my website I have lots more recipes, all of which are digestion friendly. So that’s my big thing – cooking for what makes me feel best.

My recipes don’t all follow a certain diet but most can be tweaked if they are not already gluten free, paleo or vegan. I share a few meat dishes but primarily focus on plant based recipes. My page includes something that can work for everyone. Unless you have a health reason to be on a certain diet, I encourage people to find what works for them – try new things, journal, pay attention to what makes them feel good and what their practitioners recommend.

New diets are always popping up so it can be frustrating for people that by the time they learn how to eat for one diet, a new diet is all the rage.

Share your approach to food with us: what do you like to cook? Why?

My approach to food is really “feel good” food. I like to encourage people to cook food that helps them feel good – not just on a physical level but on a mental, emotional, and social level. You want to be able to enjoy and share food with friends. Yes, food is fuel, but it’s also a big part of culture.

In DC there’s more healthy food readily available, more fast casual. We’re getting a little more in Kentucky but we aren’t really there yet so it’s a little harder for people to eat healthy on the go. There’s a ton of support for local farmers here. It might be more of the culture because farming is such a part of the economy, of course in DC we had wonderful farmers from VA and MD coming into the city, but people aren’t as connected to farmers as they are here in Kentucky. I find the food community here to be more tied to local food.

This trend has fueled me to cook a lot more since I moved because I didn’t have the fast casual options like Sweet Green that I had in DC. But I knew the food I wanted and just took it into my own hands.

Describe your food personality in 5-7 words

Flexible – Creative – Healthy – Delicious – Colorful – Nourishing – Feel-Good

What are your 3-5 favorite recipes? Why? Tell us about them!

I like the Cherry Almond Smoothie Bowl because cherries are good for muscle recovery after a workout. I love the flavor combination of cherry and almond. Smoothie bowls are great because they’re a quick way to get a good meal packed with nutrients like fiber, protein and adaptogens.

The Adaptogenic Matcha Latte is awesome because I don’t drink coffee. Coffee was hurting my stomach but I know people don’t drink coffee for many reasons. Matcha is high in antioxidants and energizing in a long lasting way without the jolt or buzz you get from coffee.

Bone Broth has so many great benefits for immunity and gut health. I like to make soups with pureed vegetables, like my creamy Sweet Potato + Parsnip Bone Broth Soup. It’s such a cozy soup that’s totally dairy free and still really creamy from the sweet potatoes.

What’s your favorite thing about Want the Recipe?

My favorite thing about the app is that it makes it really easy to get the information that you need without all the other clutter. You can just get straight to the recipe and see the important parts without having to navigate out and scroll through the whole blog post.

What food can you not live without?


What kitchen appliance do you swear by?

My Vitamix blender. I like to use it for smoothies but honestly the reason I use it the most is for different tonics that I make daily (matcha lattes, ginger drinks, etc.) and use the blender to make them frothy. I also use it for soups! Like that bone broth soup I puree in my blender.

What are your favorite blogs/ Instagram accounts that you follow? What do you like about them?

I have so many, but love the Balanced Blonde. I’m inspired by how intuitive she is, listening to what her body needs and bravely sharing her journey. She went from being vegan to no longer vegan to intuitively plant based. Despite others criticisms, she’s stayed true to herself and what makes her feel best.

Do you have any advice for our food community?

My advice is for people to do what is best for them. To tune into their own bodies. It’s great to consider and incorporate what you hear from bloggers, doctors, wellness practitioners –but do what works for you.

What city do you live in? What are your go to spots for juice, lunch, takeout, etc.?

I have two favorite spots here in Louisville, KY. LifeBar is an amazing juice bar that uses the best, highest quality ingredients and has amazing seasonal drinks and vegan soft serve.

Naïve is a newer, fast casual restaurant with a sustainable, local, creative menu in a very cool and unique space. Their paleo biscuit sandwich and CBD brownie have my heart right now.

Anything we missed?!

I’m very into healthy travel and staying healthy while on the go. I have a travel kit with some of my favorite healthy travel products that I sell on my blog. My approach is to make sure that you are doing things that can help you feel good while still enjoying and immersing in the local culture. The idea is to incorporate routines that help you feel good. In my kit I have packets of collagen, adaptogens, etc. that are easy to incorporate even if you can’t stick to clean eating the whole time you’re there. It’s a little tool kit to bring along to help you feel good!

What’s your Instagram handle, blog link, any other social media or accounts you’d like us to share!

You can find me on:

Instagram @alltheverdure

My blog

Good Gut Fuel E-Book

Healthy Travel Kit


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