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What is it?

Lemons are a fruit born from the evergreen citrus tree and are now cultivated in many warm places around the world. Its bright yellow color is not only appealing to the eye but to the taste buds as well. The astringent flavor of a lemon allows for it’s use in thousands of homemade recipes or can simply be added to any plate as a garnish. They are so tasty you can even add to beverages (water and/or just about every cocktail). Lucky for all of us, this delicious addition to any recipe is also super nutritious too.

What are the health benefits?

Lemons are PACKED with our beloved Vitamin C which as you know, can do everything from preventing seasonal colds to reducing the chances of heart disease. According to this article, the high amounts of fiber found in this citrus fruit can decrease total and HDL-cholesterol levels significantly (up to by 10.6% and 14.5%, respectively).

Already have good cholesterol levels? How about this: Some studies show that drinking lemon water or eating lemon can promote weight loss. Although studies haven’t been conducted on humans, evidence in mice is strong that lemon water supports weight loss. Whether this is due to people simply drinking more water and feeling full or the lemon juice itself is unclear, but it’s a step in the right direction. Also check out this ingredient for some more weight loss benefits.

Lemon juice can also help those who are anemic. Women in general are at a high risk for iron deficiency and the chances exponentially grow for those who are pregnant! Lemons contain some iron themselves but the true benefit comes from how they improve your absorption of iron containing foods (1).

Last but not least, adding lemon to your daily diet can greatly improve digestion. Lemon juice can help promote the production of what’s called ‘digestive enzymes’ in your liver. Digestive enzymes are secreted by the various parts of our digestive system to help break down food to allow the nutrients to be absorbed into our bloodstreams. They also help with the ‘elimination of waste’ from your body. (2) More sh*t talk. Not sorry.

How do I incorporate it?

Start by having a glass of warm lemon water every morning when you wake to get your digestive system moving prior to consuming your first meal. Some people even claim that this helps with keeping their skin clear & their mood high. Not surprising though, since great skin and 90% of dopamine (the happy hormone) is created in your gut! Focus on your digestion and so many health benefits will follow. In addition to drinking the juice, add some zest into your recipes? What recipes, you ask? You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few that SERIOUSLY caught our eyes (and caused a little drool).

Want the Recipe?

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