The Moringa plant (which is actually a tree often referred to as the ‘Vitamin Tree’) originates in India but has made it’s way around the world in recent years. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone if you have yet to hear about it, but it’s popularity is spreading like the latest gossip. As any superfood, there are many varieties out there but the one you’ll likely come across is “moringa oleifera”.

What are the benefits?

Moringa is a a great superfood to add to your daily smoothie for an extra boost of antioxidants and is also great for regulating blood sugar (which is key for weight loss and maintenance). Studies show that it has long term benefits for individuals with Type II diabetes or beginning stages of insulin resistance. Here’s a skimmed version of what that means:

Insulin is a hormone that converts glucose (carbohydrates)  into energy. When you constantly consume excess processed carbohydrates or don’t balance fat, protein, and complex carbohydrates throughout the day, your blood sugar levels become unregulated and insulin is over-secreted,  causing your cells to be a little less inviting. This leads to excess sugar in the blood and makes it nearly impossible to lose that last 5 pounds you’ve been hanging on to like a bad habit.

Regardless of what you do or do not have, moringa is packed with vitamins and minerals and is a great addition to any recipe. These health facts alone are enough to get you on board:

Moringa provides:

Calcium (17X more than Milk)

Iron (30X more than Spinach)

Zinc (6X more than Almonds)

Potassium (3X more than Bananas)

Dietary Fiber (5X more than Common Vegetables)

Amino Acid (6X more than Garlic (1)

If you still aren’t sold, animal studies have suggested that moringa may also protect against arsenic toxicity. With so many unknown toxins in our environment, it is so important to detoxify and prevent whenever possible.

Sold. Where can I get it?

Shop the links below for the ones we love.

Consume one teaspoon of moringa powder in your morning or afternoon smoothie along with a healthy fat, protein, fiber, and all the greens.

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