What is Spirulina?

According to the World Health Organization, spirulina is the “food of the future”. This bright blue-green colored powder is a microscopic little bacteria/algae found worldwide in fresh and marine waters (smells a little fishy at first, but we promise you’ll get used to it). It can often be a challenge (especially if you’re vegan or vegetarian) to get all of the protein and essential amino acids in the food that you eat on a day to day basis. Add a little spirulina to the mix and you’re on your way to a fully balanced and highly nutritious meal!

Every bite of Spirulina contains more protein and more iron than 20% fat ground beef. – USDA

Impressed? Here are some additional benefits:

Modulates the immune function

Decreases chronic inflammation in the body and helps with insulin resistance issues

Produces antibodies that can fight against cancer and other infections (WIN!)

Eliminates and detoxifies heavy metals from your body

Helps with common cold/sinus related symptoms

Most absorbable source of plant protein in the market (cue the vegans and vegetarians and all ya’ll who don’t like whey.)

Contains a potent amount of alpha and beta carotene (extremely anti-oxidant)

Improves digestive complications (leaky gut, all that good stuff)

And best yet, its proven to curb cravings which promotes weight loss and a controlled BMI! YAS

…..Basically, there’s not much a little spoonful of this can’t do for you.

Where can I get this miracle powder?

Check out our favorite @ Amazon

FYI – Keep it real and buy it pure (not mixed within other green powders).

How do I add it to my recipes?

Our favorite way to incorporate spirulina is to add 1 teaspoon to a morning or afternoon smoothie. It gives your smoothie a rich green color and you will barely taste it (just do yourself a favor and don’t stick your nose it in it).

Check out The Organic Burst10 easy ways to make spirulina tasty”. So creative!

We are grabbing all of these recipes ASAP! You will be able to find these, along with other favorites, by searching the “spirulina” tag in the WTR app! Let us know what you whip up.



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