Wheat Grass

Wheatgrass: that thing you often see in your store-bought green juice but never have in your own kitchen. (our research on the topic might change your mind). Wheat grass by definition is the freshly sprouted greens of the wheat plant. It is generally served fresh or in powdered form (as pictured) and is known as a natural healer in the wellness world.

Why is it good for me?

Wheatgrass is high on the list for nutrition content but it is often left out of our diets. Here’s why that needs to change right now:

Wheat grass is extremely high in plant-based protein and and contains 17 key amino acids  needed to build and repair muscle. It also contains one of the  highest amounts of chlorophyll content of ALL the superfoods . That green pigment you learned about in science class is extremely antibacterial and can actually renew damaged tissues within your body. Additionally, it has properties that make it a liver purifier, a blood sugar regulator, and has been claimed by doctors to “increase the function of the heart, the vascular system, the intestines, the uterus, and the lungs.” On top of it all, it can reduce the effect of free radicals (check out our post here to learn why this is SO important for optimal health).

‘Wheat’ you say, does that mean gluten?

Against popular belief, wheatgrass is cut before the grain forms and hence is gluten-free. (Note: if you are celiac or gluten sensitive: we still recommend consulting your doctor beforehand!) In addition, Wheatgrass is generally grown in soil or water and consumed without being cooked (aka theres always a chance of food borne bacteria) so if you’re pregnant it might be best to either grow your own or avoid consuming it all together.


How do I incorporate it?

Juice this baby! Keep in mind, not all juicers are created equal (especially when it comes to wheatgrass). Make sure to get an electric, slow masticating juicer as centrifugal juicer will NOT juice raw wheatgrass.  Easiest option? Get your hands on our fav Navitas organic powder here!

Recipes to find on the WTR app (hint: all you have to do is search the ingredient).

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